With reported chlamydia cases setting a new record in 2008.

Growing STD problem, ‘says Larry Siebert, CEO of Chembio Diagnostics, a New York-based company develops, manufactures, licenses and markets proprietary rapid diagnostic tests. – The standard syphilis tests, usually either the Rapid Plasma Reagin or Venereal Disease Research Laboratory , a more specific treponemal confirmatory test assay 4918 waiting time for the patient two weeks for results follow.. Follow upof-Care Testing will increase vital as STD cases in younger set forthsexually spread diseases continue to rise, with reported chlamydia cases setting a new record in 2008, officials Centers for Disease Control Centers for Disease Control recently.

Chembio In addition the two FDA – approved rapid tests for HIV, the company is developing the next generation of rapid STD tests using its patented Dual Path Platform technology. The company is the test of these new products will start in spring 2010 and include a new rapid oral fluid HIV test, a unique combination screen and confirm point-of-care test for syphilis, and a rapid oral fluid hepatitis C test.Affymax today announced that as a $ 5 million development milestone payment from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company was worldwide as part of businesses clusive agreement System Development and Marketing Hematide, Affymax. The investigational product to the anemia patients chronic renal The milestone was reached with the initiation the phase 3 study Hematide of patients in patients with chronic renal insufficiency in Japan.

Affymax and Takeda are planned the development of Hematide and together market the product again authorized in the U.S. Along. Phase 3 clinical trials investigated the potential of Hematide to to handle Anaemia in chronic renal insufficiency. This product, with the approval are are marketed in the European Union and Japan, Takeda.

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