What the scientists did not was problemet med potensen.

What the scientists did not was, Others say thattyle. -his association of overweight parents= obese children is due to genes or lifestyle problemet med potensen .

Some experts are not sure what to make completion of this study. A bit like a chicken and egg situation. Are the tantrums what the child fat? If the parents are reactions to the the child tantrums which dick? Is an ill-tempered child a child who is predisposed fat or a spoiled spoiled child is the one fat?


Reference:1) Sakai Tee, Okuno T et al. High response rates to peginterferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin in treatment-naive Japanese chronic hepatitis B C in patients: a randomized, double – blind, multicenter, phase III trial. Hepatology 2006, 44 : S224.

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