We are very pleased with these results.

‘We are very pleased with these results, add the growing body of evidence for Synvisc and reflect our commitment to continued innovation on behalf of patients and physicians encouraging,’said Ann Merrifield, president of Genzyme Biosurgery Division. ‘We believe that the benefits of Synvisc through an administrative rather than three additional options for physicians and patients, the cost and burden of multiple injections.

In addition to its efficacy in relieving OA knee pain, Synvisc, as a non – systemic treatment has the advantage that some of the side effects associated with some NSAIDs, including COX – 2 inhibitors.Synvisc is marketed in more than 60 countries and has been used to treat more than 3 million people.About SynviscSynvisc is used to treat pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee in patients who do not respond adequately to conservative given pharmacological therapy and simple analgesics, paracetamol. Synvisc is currently approved in Europe and Canada pain due to pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee and hip, and has recently received approval in Europe for the ankle and shoulder indications..The Cochrane Collaboration is an international non, independently and and disseminates systematic ratings medical interventions and promotes search for evidence the form of clinical trials and other studies by interventions. Recent cochrane.org of further information.

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