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President and Chairman of the Board of Echo Therapeutics. Based on the positive results that we have our first indication of continuous glucose monitoring provided in the ICU demonstrated a continuous monitoring of lactate is a logical extension of our research efforts. Initiation of this program demonstrates the robust platform provides our technology far beyond the hospital and diabetes markets. Results of our ex – vivo testing strongly suggest that we can expect to effectively monitor lactate thresholds using our transdermal biosensor technology. Thanks to our years of experience in advanced skin permeation technology, we begin additional programs in the coming year, vary a significant pipeline of both transdermal biosensors and needle-free topical and systemic drugs.

For more information about APP Pharmaceuticals.. APP plans deferoxamine mesylate in the fourth quarter of 2009 , which will be further expanded the company to start the critical care product line.About APP Pharmaceuticals,APP Pharmaceuticals is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets injectable pharmaceutical products with a focus on the oncology, anti-infective, anesthetic / analgesic and critical care markets. The company offers one of the broadest product portfolios in hospitals, care facilities, alternate care sites and clinics in North America and manufactures a comprehensive range of dosage formulations. Fresenius Kabi Pharmaceuticals Holding, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fresenius Kabi AG, acquired APP Pharmaceuticals, September 2008.– The liver is – Buy now, first time the scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine the Yeshiva University to prevent that age-related decrease of a whole organ and shown that as a result of, which liver of aging animals worked as good as it did, when animals were much younger. Posted to the online issue of Nature Medicine, these results suggest in that treatments to boost protein clearance could help you ward off browse decreases in feature accompanied aged. The conductive study author, Dr. Ana Maria Cuervo, associate professor in the divisions history and Molecular, medicine and anatomy and structural biology at Einstein.

Cuervo answer the question by injecting a muscle relaxant in a very old transgenic mice and ancient If normal mice. The very ancient transgenic mice metabolizes the muscle relaxant much faster than ancient to normal mice and at a tiny degree comparable to normal mice. – ‘Our study showed that the features in aging animals may maintained for so long such as Damaged or efficiently efficiently will continue – firmly supports the idea that protein deposits in cell play an important role in the aging process of itself,’says Dr. ‘More importantly, these results show to it possible to said protein ‘blockade of ‘Dr in our cells, how to correct older so maybe helps at enjoying a healthier lifestyle through to old age.

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