Visscher developed and tested a Bayesian network model.

At a later stage it was with ‘machine-learning’extended techniques to optimize the reliability of the predictions where needed.. Studied in his thesis Stefan Visscher 238 cases of antibiotic treatment of which – in retrospect – antibiotic treatment of pneumonia in the ICU no longer necessary to ‘be on the safe side ‘only 157 patients were actually suffering from pneumonia. A lack of appropriate patient – friendly tests makes it difficult to determine with certainty whether a patient developed pneumonia. Visscher developed and tested a Bayesian network model, a probabilistic distinguish distinguish between patients who do not and ventilator-associated pneumonia -.

The next step should be to a great study the value the value of these models in daily practice.. Electronic Health RecordVisscher TimeBayes research is part of the project, which implementation of implementation of the electronic patient record. The electronic health record contains all relevant laboratory data and clinical patient data. The TimeBayes project develops methods, techniques and tools that use this information to help physicians to decisions decisions. Visscher concluded that the new computer models basis for a reliable basis for a reliable decision support system for ICU doctors.‘I dont think it necessarily true that the poor have not hear that water cheaper than soda ash,’said Williams.

Mothers two-year study in the food in the household manager may multiple several that their that their children are cared for including of skipping meals and Dining cheap, less nutritious food items. – To make sure maternal take care of their children, they may only be a day, a day, for example, or erratic irregularly, are every practices which obesity risks of have, said Adam Lippert, a student of sociology of, who worked with Martin.

Martin Binks, director of the performance health and research director of the Duke Diet and. Gym , expressed skepticism to one control and health education program is to achieving its goals.

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