Through the development of a novel zebrafish xenograft

The team demonstrated that the tumor initiating cells of prostate cancer patients after surgery directly receive to to Bmi – 1 inhibition. Through the development of a novel zebrafish xenograft, in which to grow human prostate cells and allows sharing inside zebrafish, the researchers were able candidates Bmi-1 inhibitory drugs identify that target tumor initiating paths . By using the transparent zebrafish model, the scientists could see directly how prostate tumors grew, and as the means to block their growth, in a live genetic environment, similar to the work a human. Source: Washington University in St.

World-famous Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology MeetingThe Genetics Society of America is pleased to to advertise in 2010 Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology meetings, July 27-August 1, in the of the University of British Columbia , Vancouver, these every two years taking place meeting brings investigator studying various aspects of the eukaryotic biological into yeast. Program highlights part presentations from three Nobel Laureates and one Canadian astronaut who. Become member of Parliament.

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