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This practice. Treat themselvesAbout 20 percent of Spaniards take non-prescribed medication and women are the group that tilted on towards this practice. This is the result of a study.

Case, Better identification of substances for doping in sport Usedathletes who try performance-enhancing drugs to anti-doping rules to get by turning to designer steroids – drugs that are not of on the list of prohibited substances and off testers radar screen. In a recent high profile case, used world-class sprinter , the new steroid tetrahydrogestrinone for months until an informant sent a sample of anti-doping authorities.The 9th of Mycological Congress will the Edinburgh Convention Centre in Edinburgh, 1-6 August 2010 Detailed information can be found here.

Food industry Congress, August 1-6, EdinburghThe United Kingdom Society of Mycology, in cooperation with Elsevier , the leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information product has 9, the final program of Mycological Congress IMC9 announced: The Biology of Fungi. Of these Congress will every 4 years in another location in the world.

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