This chart trends report sheds light on patient demographics

This chart trends report sheds light on patient demographics, laboratory values, and treatment prevalence with phosphate binders, vitamin D supplements, Active Vitamin D and Sensipar . It also provides information about the interplay between these treatments and covers actual product dosing and titration, brand switching and reasons for switching, as well as brands persistence.

In the treatment of hyperphosphatemia, patients tend introduced phosphate binder monotherapy when phosphorus reaches 5.7 mg / dl. Phosphorus levels are significantly higher when combination therapy is initiated. Contrary to what Nephrologists perceive based on self-reported data, combination binder therapy is prescribed rarely. Genzyme’s sevelamer is the market leader , despite the fact that it has the highest pill burden. Shire Fosrenol has the lowest pill burden, but significantly lower persistency compared to Renagel, Tums and FMC PhosLo. Within the sevelamer franchise patients conversion to Renvela is about 27 percent and about half of the patients switched from Renagel Renvela.

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