They are also more sensitive to drugs than younger people.

Butnappropriate psychiatric rather low-income low-income people often have used several diseases and use many drugs, they are also more sensitive to drugs than younger people. The use of more drugs than necessary tends to occur in older people, however, occur shortage of drugs and use of inappropriate types of drugs. Psychotropic drugs, such as hypnotics, anxiolytics and antidepressants are common in the elderly.

Low incomes worse medicationsThe thesis also suggests disparities in the use of psychotropic drugs in the elderly , as these often low-income use inappropriate psychotropic drugs. In the work are between income level and the use of inappropriate medication. This may be conflict with the goals of justice in health care, in which all people should have a right to health care, including medication, be based on their needs, regardless of age, gender or status in the society.Despite the Bush administration having imposed some new rules on View MA chart marketing the past year, told Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus , lot of law with results with the results.. Democratic legislators would ban preparation of laws, certain marketing practices of personal Medicare uses Advantage some seniors some seniors complained of corrosive turnover tactics of, to Reg. / San Jose Mercury News report.

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