The university specializes in military medicine and public health.

The university specializes in military medicine and public health, which is more to practice medicine in the military or public health, and differs significantly from civilian medicine. Military / Public Health Medicine focuses on keeping people healthy and especially when military, prevention, diagnosis and treatment by medical personnel includes, the integral part of the operations they support.

Health professionals at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress launched the Courage to for Me Care campaign as part of the Courage to Care initiative April this year. During the month of the Military Child The campaign aims to raise awareness of the needs strength and courage in bringing up children in stressful times of deployment, redeployment, Extended Deployment and reintegration in a life increase at home after returning from the service. For more information about the campaign, visit:.Perhaps best be the invention invention of computer mouse and interactive computing, has SRI also charge of major advances in network and communication solution, robotics, active substance research and development, advanced materials, atmospheric research, education research, economic development, domestic who safety and longer. The charitable institution leading Promoted of research and development for government agencies, corporations and endowments. In 2009, its technologies, is strategic alliance, and create staple-off companies.

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