The underlying mechanism.

Chemoprevention of multiple Ultraviolet B-mediated damages in SKH-1 hairless mouse skin by grape polyphenol resveratrol , the underlying mechanism, the underlying mechanism .

In the TPA-treated group developed tumors in all mice 16 weeks, while only 30 % of the mice treated with pomegranate extract, tumors showed at this point.’For the first time we have clear evidence that pomegranate extract possesses anti – skin – tumor – promoting effects,’said Dr. Farrukh Afaq of the University of Wisconsin, and principal investigator of of the study. – ‘With such a variety of pathways inhibited by the topical application of the natural supplement, we are confident that their therapeutic value and hope it will translate to other models. ‘.Notes:For more participants in the study belonging Edward B. Trading and Stephen F. Heinemann, The Salk Institute, Celine M. And Tallie Z. UC Irvine and Stevan N. Djakovic and Gentry N. St patrick, UC San Diego Neurobiology Department.

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