The study included exposing cultured human trophoblast cells to the active form of vitamin D.

The study included exposing cultured human trophoblast cells to the active form of vitamin D, leading to the production of cathelicidin and an increased antibacterial response in the trophoblast cells.

The importance of vitamin D in human reproduction has been recognized in the past 20 years, although its exact role fully understood. Fully understood. This study represents a novel mechanism for activation of the innate immune response in the placenta, from from infectious bacteria and sheds new light on the potential role of vitamin D in pregnancy and pregnancy-associated infection.Compellis Pharmaceuticals,About the Pennington Biomedical Research InstituteIt Pennington Biomedical Research Institute recognized as one of the world’s outstanding obesity and nutrition research centers. Pennington Centre mission is to to encourage a healthier life through research, education in nutrition and preventative medicine.

‘.. Compellis Pharmaceuticals, its early stages biopharmaceutical company developing novel mechanism-based therapeutic famous to the treat obesity, that staff Pennington Biomedical Research Institute of Louisiana State University , has been awarded to begin principal investigator Dr. Frank Greenway, FDA approval for phase I clinical trials. Registration for the program start on first quarter of 2008 with expected Construction in the latter part of the year. ‘The develop novel anti-obesity treatment is a focus of my work since 30 years and I look forward that commitment this commitment in collaboration with Compellis,’said Dr. Frank Greenway. ‘Blocking did odor reduce food intake, the potential be used on one line therapy or to combination with other medicaments and patient support platform Programmes for treatment of obesity.

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