The study found no general trend to increasing body size read article here.

In contrast, the study found no general trend to increasing body size, suggesting that brain and body mass were subject to separate selection pressures in primates read article here .Gorillas, for example, have large brains, but the increase in body mass during the evolution of modern gorillas greatly exceeds the increase in brain mass. Conversely, show lines. Gibbons and other primates such as colobus monkeys increase the brain mass but a decrease in body mass The findings could help to solve the mystery of ‘The Hobbit ‘or Homo floresiensis. This meter-high early human species together. The planet with our species until 13,000 years ago Its discovery on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003 sparked a long-running debate, some scientists argue that human species human species, while others believed disease was probably responsible for its small size. According to co – author Stephen Montgomery of the University of Cambridge: ‘The discovery of requested our understanding of human evolution and created much debate floresiensis was a special type or a sick individual. ‘Much of the debate about the place of H. Floresiensis in the primate tree centered around its small size, especially the small size of the brain, the argument has been raised that the development of such a small brain is not FIT with what we know about primate brain evolution. ‘Our analysis, together with the study of brain size in island populations of living primates, suggests maybe we should not development of a small development of a small brained, small body early human species. ‘.

– Problems with telephone triage introduced in 19 complaints. In one case, a GP was a patient with abdominal pain and prescribed medication without a visit to the patient who later developed appendicitis.

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