The researchers found that not for young people with moderate to severe depression.

Of treatments for adolescents with persistent depressionresearch by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment program the evidence base to treatment for young people who are released added to clinically depressed. The researchers found that not for young people with moderate to severe depression, the addition of cognitive behavioral therapy to drug therapy and active clinical care, improving patient well-being enough for the CBT treatment to be cost-effective.

The research team led by Professor Ian Goodyer of the University of Cambridge and the late Professor Dick Harrington of the University of Manchester led compared the clinical and cost – effectiveness of two treatments for depression. Treatment consisted of a combination of CBT with antidepressants. The second treatment was antidepressants alone but in both sets of patients continue to receive active routine clinical care. More than 200 adolescent patients with depressive disorders were recruited and were monitored regularly for both positive and negative results.$ 25 000 Votes the cuts proposed for HIV / AIDS Programme reduces.

Related News, that Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors addressing, in an attempt to of County $ 25,000 fiscal deficit, the poor who temporary 20 % of agent for tens of non-profit organizations working with government at offering services, children, the elderly and the poor, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Leaders in the nonprofit community say that organization to provide the children, mental health help, drug use and treatment of HIV at an even an even additional is already being are already facing cuts in their public financing.

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