The researchers analyzed gene expression profiles and detects groups of genes.

They observed that were the systematic administration of anti – miR-21, the harmful effects of miR-21 in kidney disease successfully reversed. The results demonstrate both the mouse model studies have shown that miR-21 contributes to fibrogenesis and epithelial injury in the kidneys -. Moreover, the results support that miR – 21 is a good candidate target for anti – fibrotic therapies.. The researchers analyzed gene expression profiles and detects groups of genes, particularly those involved in lipid metabolism and improved oxygen radical production, which up-regulated in metabolic pathways in the absence of miR-21 the systematic involved were involved.

MicroRNA humans are small RNA molecules that regulate typically 20 to 25 nucleotides in length, do not encode the proteins, but gene expression. Discovered in the past ten years, viral infections.he most exciting scientific breakthroughs in recent history. Researchers have discovered more than 700 microRNAs in the human genome, with more than one third of all human by by miRNAs probably.VIRxSYS ‘ vaccines distinguishes itself from other HIV vaccine candidates in that it uses a fully developed HIV based lentiviral vector the inoculation the vaccine antigens. Wanted to the study show that VIRxSYS vaccine obtained remarkable high levels of T cell responses resulting in a 95 percent viral load reduction in the rhesus monkey were given lentiviral immunization, as compared with non-vaccinated control animals in this study. Researchers observed in their experiment a strong and sustainable immune without the requirement a DNA Prime Standard and a wide conservation of CD4+ T cell compartment by the %age of CD4+ T cells in order to overall lymphocyte measured. A lentiviral based A vaccine well evoked high level be described CD107a expression in T cells recently became recently identified as an important role in controlled by SIV / HIV.

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