The rates of GP consultations for flu like illness in the United Kingdom farmácia.

The rates of GP consultations for flu – like illness in the United Kingdom, which are taken of various monitoring systems and are not directly comparable:3.5 cases of flu – like illness, the last by GPs in the seven days out diagnosed in 100,000 people in Wales farmácia .6 cases of flu – like illness by GPs in the last seven days of 100,000 people in England 97.8 cases of flu – like illness by GPs out of every 100,000 people in Scotland 99.2 cases of flu – like illness, of of GPs per 100,000 people in Northern Ireland (for the week ending said: 265 people in the UK died of swine flu diagnosed – 25 in Wales, 178 in England, 49 in Scotland and 13 in Northern Ireland. The majority had underlying health conditions.

‘The vaccine the swine flu is now is on the people in the most risk of complications from the virus as well as front health and social workers offered vaccination the most effective tool we have in preventing swine flu so I urge people. Identified as being at risk, where they are seeded according to their invitation by their GP surgery. – ‘People with flu-like symptoms to stay home on good respiratory and hand hygiene and stay away from surgeries, accident and emergency departments and pharmacies where to visit to advise that will also contribute to the of the to the limit. ‘People with flu-like symptoms symptoms symptoms on or about the Swine Flu Information Line on 0800 1513513.

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More the study authors contain Leslie A. Rabbitt and Dr. Ruey – Kang R.

Before this study, the scientists culture basal, but non secretory cells. To use the models, researchers found out, unlike cancer cells, normal secretory cells not depending. Out of of the male sex hormone androgen is for survival, they depend to the survival of binding each other over the protein E-cadherin – ‘Prostate cancer are depending on androgens for survival, so we did interested in whether common secretory prostatic depends on androgen is,’said Dr. Miranti. ‘However, the cell culture models is available non allows to us studying secretory cells so we made they by reconstruction of natural conversion of process of Basal in secretory cells in a dish. ‘.

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