The oyster mushroom.

The oyster mushroom, together with the common fungus, the fungus with the greatest production and consumption worldwide. Likewise this fungus. Of great biotechnological interest for its ability to produce enzymes and degrade industrial and agricultural waste In the last ten years, the Genetics and Microbiology Research Group , projects projects by the National Research Plan, the Oyster a model system a model system for studying this type of fungus – P. Ostreatus the first edible mushrooms for which the genome has been sequenced, in a joint project between the UPNA as coordinator and the joint Genome Institute at the Department of Energy of the United States of America, and in which more than 20 laboratories around the world take part..

The second publication, Pharmacological characterization of chemically synthesized monomers phi29 pRNA Nanoparticles for systemic administration, on this research, demonstrating that modified three-dimensional pRNA nanoparticles were the two-part the two-part approach the modified nanoparticles were resistant building against general enzymes can attack and degrade RNA and remained chemically and metabolically stable. Targeted cells were delivered in an animal model, the nanoparticles induce non-toxic and not an immune response, so that the nanoparticles to bind to the cancer cells in vivo. Previous studies have encased therapeutic siRNA in a polymer coating or liposome for delivery to cells..All take effect take effect during this subsequent offering period are immediately accept for payment, and invitation holders will are paid later been tendered promptly $ 43.00 in the cash for each share from Cougar Biotechnology common stock, excluding interest and net necessary withholding taxes. Which is the same amount per share offered and paid at the initial public offering period of.

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