The mammogram is a low dose x-ray of the chest

The mammogram is a low dose x-ray of the chest, is currently the most effective way to find breast cancer in its earliest and most treatable stage . Complaints during a mammogram should not prevent women from the planning process this. During the procedure, carried out by a female radiologic technologist, 20,e very high. Breast on a ledge down and gently compresses all all fabrics and possible anomalies.

Hold on coffee, and alcoholic beveragesCaffeine has a tendency to do, a woman’s breasts tender and lumpy, potentially making the mammogram uncomfortable. Avoid coffee and tea, unless decaffeinated is, for a week before a mammogram. Other products that contain caffeine diet drinks, chocolate and even some common over-the – counter pain relievers. Be sure to read the label of OTC medications before you prior to a scheduled before a scheduled mammogram.

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