The highest ever by any country.

Illnesian woman dies of bird flu has a total of 95A 32 – year-old woman who died of the lethal strain of H5N1 bird flu in their hometown near Jakarta had caught to 95 to 95 bringing total number of total number of people who died the virus in Indonesia, the highest ever by any country.

Health officials said the woman kept live chickens in their backyard, and just before she was sick, bought a live chicken and some eggs from a market and cooked them.A 16 – year-old girl from West Java province was fourth in a hospital in Jakarta on Was approved in January, even with the H5N1 bird flu. World Health Organization , it was on the 30th December symptomatic and studies health officials were found in chickens die near her home in the two weeks before their symptoms began.A multi-institutional research group by a Massachusetts General Hospital doctor resulted , reports the analyze data from the Framingham Heart Study the November 20 New England Journal of Medicine. Although we certify that which longer risk -associated gene variants you Erben , the greater the risk for the develop type 2 diabetes mellitus predicting prediction on diabetes or in the infant, says James Meigs, the the MGH General Medicine Unit, head of the study author. An additional risk of be discovered gene, which worth of genetic screening has is expected to improve. However by our present knowledge, to measurements of to your doctor power in a standard checkup to say what type 2 type 2 diabetes risk must over 2,700 and does not ‘t tell you lot more.

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