The electrophysiology team.

The electrophysiology team, led by Drs Downar and Chauhan, is the treatment of patients with this new technology with special access authorization from Health Canadainstructions.:Peter Munk cardiac Centre. The Peter Munk cardiac Centre is the premier cardiac center in Canada since it was opened in 1997, the Center has saved and the lives of heart patients improved from around the world Each year some 17,000 patients. Innovative and compassionate care of the Peter Munk cardiac Centre multidisciplinary heart team. Addition, the Peter Munk cardiac Centre trains more cardiologists and heart surgeons than any hospital in Canada. A member of the University Health Network.

Visualization of the catheter into the heart with CARTO 3 is a huge step forward Peter Munk in the treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation is, said Dr. Vijay Chauhan, Director of Interventional Electrophysiology at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. Once we know the abnormal rhythm the normal rhythm, we burn care, the area in size can range can range from a few millimeters to several centimeters .– In patients at risk of bad quality or particular slow recovery , have to a comprehensive clinical study should be conducted experience learn current need for renovation by a healthcare professional in the ICU and rehabilitation.

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