The authors conclude.

– more women than men reported that maternity leave was important and child care should be be available at work . In the end, most women surgeons would choose the surgical profession again This very positive perception of women noted advised in view a surgical career, the authors conclude. realistic expectations realistic expectations among medical students, the rewarding and challenging aspects of the surgical profession must be pointed out. Finally, our findings of the study that maximizing recruitment and retention of women surgeons are giving serious consideration to leaving alternative work schedules and optimization of maternity and child care opportunities.

– Women surgeons were also less likely than men, children , as well as surgeons of the younger generation , more women than men surgeons had children later in life, after entering surgical practice .Spent four days in spent four days in Vermont and New Hampshire with a few other bloggers as a part of the very first Stonyfield Farm bloggers Barnstorming Tour. Was an opportunity for us slurry mud for our boots? And first-hand experience, Why do organic foods is really good for ourselves and the planet. We arrived growers, the real guardians in the country and its animals are and work hard every day nourishment for our food for our tables and families.

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