The APA and a broad coalition of medical specialty organizations.

The APA and a broad coalition of medical specialty organizations, including the American Medical Association, HR supports 5295, the Healthcare Truth and Transparency Act of 2010 , sponsored by U.S. Reps. John Sullivan, R – Okla, and David Scott.

The bill isislation it would make for patients make informed decisions about their health careThe APA was delighted to see Congress to introduce legislation to ensure patients accurate information about education, training and qualifications of the experts, the work carried out their health care.‘These savings be exceeding Finnish chemists proportion of all medicine sales, which amount to 481 000 000,’said Dr. Kostiainen ‘This means that savings for the. Health sector by the use the community pharmacies produce the cost of the outpatient medicine allocation exceeded. A highly significant outcome a very important result, ‘.

In the following results will additional results of the study.Three-quarters of physicians she said not electronic medical records and two-thirds, they was in the efforts to in the efforts to improve care systems at the date of the interview. In addition, two-thirds of Doctors & Dentists told they do not monitoring Comment about the quality of its clinical output.

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