The antisocial among them more importance on popularity with others.

– The goals that young people place on most value have leaving home leaving home, work and education, in other words they complete their studies and academic performance reflect, Laura L pez Romero, co-author of the study? with Estrella Romero and researchers at USC, tells SINC. To cheat are anti – social goals, to steal or bypass rules and laws, but not as a means to an end but as an end in itself in In other words, participation in this type of behavior is a goal themselves. For. Teenagers, because they achieve social recognition and an identity and antisocial reputation that can make them a certain level of popularity with others, pez Romero..

All employees who must have to treat morbidly obese patients with special training related to the physical problems of the positioning and care for them too. – And special equipment have in all hospitals, because it is impossible to predict when morbidly obese patients require anesthesia or surgery. Acute and chronic pain new guidelines – Peri – operative management of of the morbidly obese patients have – sent to all members of the Association and interested groups and can also be downloaded from the association’s website.On the ENB-0040.ENB-0040 is a subcutaneous enzyme replacement therapy is from cloth do not – alkaline phosphatase merges with a patented bones targeting peptide Preclinical trials in the knockout mouse model of severe hypophosphatasia showed that subcutaneous administration of ENB-0040 significantly improves survival that prevents skeletal and dental manifestations of the disease and corrects skeleton defects at mice with established disease. ENB-0040, awarded to deportation in the U.S. And the EU in 2008 in, is currently Phase II testing. Enobia Pharma Inc.

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