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Than previously possible. Nuclear bombs and 9/11: New York seismologist For Work locally and globally honoredWon – Young Kim, a senior scientist at Columbia University ‘s Lamont – Doherty Earth Observatory, won the Jesuit Seismological Association Award from the Seismological Society of America for his work on wider issues both locally and globally. Among others, he has judged earthquakes in New York City and beyond, developed methods for monitoring nuclear bomb tests and explained the sequence of events during the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001.

On all continents and in every ocean Of global climate change, earthquakes, volcanoes, nonrenewable resources, environmental hazards and beyond, Observatory scientists provide a rational basis for the difficult choices facing humankind in Earth Stewardship.. ###Click here the citation the quote.The Earth Institute at Columbia University mobilizes the sciences, education, and policy for a sustainable earth to reach. Through interdisciplinary research among more than 500 scientists in various fields, the Institute of the necessary knowledge to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and beyond addition.Sirolimus, originally named as rapamycin, is a highly potent, broad-acting compound, that ability the disease through several mechanisms of action , including immunosuppressive agents, demonstrated anti-angiogenic, anti – traveling and anti combating was proliferating-, and anti – permeability of antifibrotic activity. Balanced on diversity associated with with those several mechanisms of action, MacuSight believe that his of sirolimus can be are used considered potentially very effective treatment for a variety of eye conditions and conditions, including treatment and prevention of wet AMD..

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