Sumner continued.

Mr. Sumner continued, . Medicsight the ColonCAD addresses many of the difficulties that radiologists face and is designed to realize the full potential of virtual colonoscopy LungCAD Notice is allow radiologists allow radiologists to detect and segment lung nodules in an early stage. For these reasons, treatment options and disease management. For these reasons, we believe that our products are well received by the Canadian market, and we will continue to work diligently this important software to this important software to radiologists around the world. .

And and expands the addressable market of our CAD products for the company and its partners ‘.. Announced thaticsight plc receives Canadian medical device licenses for ColonCAD API and LungCAD APIMGT Capital Investments, announced concentrates an investment company in the healthcare information technology, today announced that its subsidiary, Medicsight plc, was granted medical device licenses to begin the Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada marketing and sales costs Medicsight ColonCAD API and Medicsight LungCAD API. – David Sumner, Chief Executive Officer of Medicsight plc, commented: ‘We are delighted to Canadian medical device licenses for our colon and lung CAD products obtain these approvals are based on recent ColonCAR Medicsight launch in the United States.The clinical trial were Safety Trial to prevent Africa of an antiretroviral -containing vaginal ring to confront HIV / AIDS.

The charitable International Partnership for Microbicides announced the beginning the initial study with a African women testing a The vaginal ring contains an antiretrovirals that prevent the a day to HIV transmission during sex. The clinical trial, is known like IPM 015 tests the security and acceptance requires an innovative approach that fit a successful technology from the reproductive health the field for women the world over a tool for to protect yourself from HIV infection. – ‘Vaginal rings authorized for use in Europe and the U.S. For hormone Shipping , could well suited HIV prevention HIV prevention drug of women in developing countries,’said Dr.

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