Students who to participate Fleming Fleming include Susie Suozzo.

Students who to participate Fleming Fleming include Susie Suozzo, senior in biology, Lansing, Lauren Phillips, junior in biology, Diane Hylton, sophomore in nutritional sciences, Tecumseh, and Sara Brogan, PhD in biology, Winfield. Lynn Tustin, research associate, biology, is also involved with the work. Tustin has a doctorate in physiology from K-State. 9 Anderson Hall Kansas State University Manhattan.

In pyramidal neurons during the visual critical period of mice Notch1 activity, the number of dendritic spines and filopodia reduced in the visual cortex and the induction of long-term potentiation , between the layer 4 and layer 2/3. Surprisingly, these changes did not obviously change the ocular dominance shift produced by monocular deprivation. Functional consequencehe functional consequence of reduced anatomical plasticity and LTP was a greater decrease in visual acuity following deprivation..Researchers found that masculine likely rather as women survivors have lesser bone density and reduced men and women also more likely to weaker bone.

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