Original publication: 1: Gurumoorthy Krishnamoorthy.

Original publication: 1: Gurumoorthy Krishnamoorthy, Amit Saxena, Lennart T. Helen S. Domingues, Reinhard Mentele, Avraham Ben-Nun, Hans Lassmann, Klaus Dornmair, Florian C. Kurschus, Roland Liblau & Hartmut Wekerle myelin-specific T cells also recognize neuronal autoantigen in a transgenic mouse model of multiple sclerosis, Nature Medicine, May 2009 2: Bernadette P llinger, Gurumoorthy Krishnamoorthy, Kerstin Berer, Hans Lassmann, Michael R. Robert Dunn, Helena S? Domingues, Andrew Wood, Florian C.Kurschus and Hartmut Wekerle Spontaneous relapsing-remitting EAE in the SJL / J mouse: MOGreactive transgenic T cells recruit endogenous MOG – specific B cells Journal of Experimental Medicine, June 2009.

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