October is American Pharmacists Month.

Other suggestions for community pharmacists in particular include: Conducting OTC aisle tours toemphasize the importance of reading drug labels and asking pharmacists queries. Making a display at a local cooking course about the need for speaking with a pharmacist about food-medication interactions. Hosting a sidewalk sale where local businesses publicize themselves while pharmacists promote their individual care providers. For pharmacists in hospital and managed care configurations, the APhA recommends: Making patient rounds, answering any relevant questions sufferers may have about their medications.WHO estimates up to 2 billion dosages of swine flu vaccine could possibly be produced yearly, although the 1st batches wouldn’t be available for 4-6 months. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will visit WHO on Tuesday to meet with senior representatives from the vaccine industry, but the U.N. Declined to mention the ongoing companies. Most flu vaccine businesses can only just make one vaccine at a time: seasonal flu vaccine or pandemic vaccine. Production takes months and it is impossible to change halfway through if wellness officials make a mistake. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is focusing on a ‘seed share’ to make the vaccine, which should prepare yourself in a couple weeks.

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