Mustanski directs Northwestern IMPACT program (impactprogram.

Mustanski directs Northwestern IMPACT program (impactprogram. Their website is a youth, their families, and policy makers to the health and development the health and development of LGBT youth, the contents of the site for teens involves engaging videos and games. On topics such as coming out, having healthy relationships and how to deal with stress and bullying. The IMPACT program leads health research and translating the findings into action to improve the health of sexual minorities.

The parents should be aware that their child role in helping to prevent their child from being bullied and in promoting their child’s mental and physical health. Like all children, on topics such as of gay teens is to monitor and teach them about safe sex to prevent HIV / AIDS, said Mustanski.The survey suggested also that it only limited access to and underutilization of mental health staff among African-American kids. – child with an history of the psychiatric inpatient treating, above all to foster families and in foster care, from continued follow-up and transfers to community mental health means order to reduce placement disturbances and timely durability benefiting, Park said.

After my earlier trial maintain receive inpatient psychiatric treatment with foster families within two years their first patient episode, Park said.

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