More than 59 million prescriptions for amoxicillin were in 2005 does it work.

More than 59 million prescriptions for amoxicillin were in 2005, with total retail trade posted a revenue of about $ 640,000 does it work . Amoxicillin is indicated for a wide range of infections, and is commonly referred to as first-line therapy for common infections such as otitis media , pharyngitis , and sinusitis is prescribed. According to IMS Health, a pharmaceutical research company, approximately one quarter of amoxicillin prescriptions written for pharyngitis, strep throat and tonsillitis in adults and children.

‘We are very pleased to enrollment in our adult and adolescent Phase III trial on schedule,’said Edward M. Advancis president and CEO. ‘We are confident that if successful, Amoxicillin PULSYS doctors a tool to deliver the established safety and efficacy of amoxicillin in the first and only once-daily presentation in the U.S. ‘.

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