Low average weekly alcohol consumption was as 1-4 drinks per week.

Low average weekly alcohol consumption was as 1-4 drinks per week, moderate than 5-8 drinks per week and a high degree as a 9 or more drinks per week defined. Binge drinking intake intake of 5 or more drinks on one occasion. Participants of were not included as unexposed reference group.

The focus on children’s IQ and executive functions, were no differences in test performance between children whose mothers reported 1-4 or 5-8 drinks / week per week observed during pregnancy compared with children abstaining mothers. However, one finding showed that a high level of alcohol, taking 9 or more drinks per week was associated with reduced attention spans under-five.. The papers looked at the effects of alcohol on IQ, attention, executive functions such as planning, organization and self – control in 5 year old children.All the papers were that low, weekly alcohol intake in early pregnancy, no significant moderating effect on neurodevelopment in children as young as five years ago, yet binge drinking.Bush fire sacrifice in our thoughts – Australian Nursing Federationthe national Office to the Australian Nursing Federation today concerned their deepest sympathy and condolences to men through ongoing bushfires Victoria. – ‘of REQ our thoughts are one of those people , many of them nurses, sent directly and personal concerned by this horrific situations, ‘said Ged Kearney, REQ the national secretary.

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