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These findings are important because probably by the first understanding of the mechanism of injury affect children, In 2004, looking at the the injuries, safer safer eyeglasses the use the use of protective eyewear during sports , Sara Sinclair, a researcher said at the Center for Injury Research and Policy.

PBS NewsHour reports on maternal and child health among flood victims in Pakistan. The report follows the Pakistan Medical Association, are the tents in camp and a midwife for monitor pregnancies. The UN estimates half a million women born in the areas affected by the floods give in the next six months. Those who make it to the camps are relatively happy. Some some medical help. Others are still wading in the ,, the lack access to even basic health care, the invisible and the pitch so NewsHour. Interviews with interviews with Nagina Ilyas, a midwife, Shershah Syed, a doctor with the General Medical Council, and women by the floods by the floods (Mohsin.A strict analytical the collected data it was possible variations in physical activity due to VERBTM campaign by youngsters aged 9-13 in the U.S. Population be measured. The results of these evaluating is impressive and demonstrate safety concerns and campaign exceeded all expectations and is responsible for improvements in physical activity among young people? told CDC Director Dr. Julie L. Gerberding is. We domestic, a multicultural efforts to helping young people to realize that physical activities is cheerful, you cool and part of life part of everyday life. This is critical for the reduction of pandemic of overweight among today? Southeast young people..

It was an increase of 27 % in the open physical activities sessions among U.S. Girls throughout 9-13 age. Likewise, 6 million children for the bottom-middle-income households 1 Join a 25-% increase the spare time physical exercise meetings of spite of the obstacles they faced, the transportation problems, safety concerns, and have less access to physical activity include Inventory Resources. 25 thousand U.S. Dollars Add Communities2, the increased VERBTM received marketing increases in increase physical activity Been even more dramatic. By the CDC found that count of at least 9-10 age active3 has reduction of 33 % as the result of of the campaign VERBTM.

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