It is difficult to get monotherapy approval for AEDs because the FDA.

In the U.S. However, it is difficult to get monotherapy approval for AEDs because the FDA, in accordance with the International Conference on Harmonization , requires an internal, interpretable control group, in which the test drug shows superiority over the control. New AEDs, while offering improvements in safety and efficacy, rarely demonstrate superiority over conventional AEDs so that placebo or pseudo – placebo as the only acceptable internal controls.

Jacqueline French explains why this study model is different from other patients with epilepsy. ‘Epilepsy is different from other conditions where placebo used , since there is no way a patient a patient at a warning level placebo,damage can occur. In hypertensive patient, one can withdraw a patient on placebo, blood pressure rises, dangerously high dangerously high. But with an epilepsy patient, the escape criteria consist of an increase or worsening of seizures, which themselves may have a negative outcome.Have a patch Exelon, a powerful Alzheimer’s disease drugs, provide the skin of the patient on the approval within the European Union recommended to the the first the EU. Used to treat the disease in the EU.

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