Increasing cigarette prices discourage low-income smokersDespite increase in cigarette prices obsessive compulsive.

Increasing cigarette prices discourage low-income smokersDespite increase in cigarette prices, smoking prevalence remains at low-income groups. The researchers used to examine data from the 1984-2004 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System surveys in conjunction with information on cigarette prices by the adjusted prevalence of smoking by income group and time period -. Analysis included data from 14 years and 6 years after the Master Settlement Agreement of 1998 obsessive compulsive . Although smoking went on the 20 – year period, the data showed that gaps in smoking participation among income groups have widened. The proportion of low-income smokers pre – MSA was 27.7 %, rising to 28.6 % by MSA, at higher income people smoking decreased from 23.9 % to 21.6 %.

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