In view of the intense activity the higher levels of pain to think.

The results suggest that people with fibromyalgia self – report poor physical function and increased pain after activity because, in view of the intense activity the higher levels of pain to think. But what they do not report – and not be aware of – is that they maintain a certain level of activity without increased pain sensitivity. – ‘We probably have thinking wrong about fibromyalgia, ‘says Clauw. ‘This group has been affected, but they were not in the way they thought they would be affected. This is good news for fibromyalgia patients. ‘.

Now Clauw and his team at the UM Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center, more studies on activity, exercise and pain among people with all types of chronic pain are aboard. They have a registry of people who are willing to to participate in such studies, both those with chronic conditions and those without would be started. Visit for more information on the registration and ongoing studies at UM, or call 866-288-0046.The best treatment of to most people still traditional drug therapy. On Thursday has for particular group of people, to who DBS, significantly different significant difference to improving symptoms, however there are many people for whom should be kept out. The PDS Chief Executive, Linda Kelly.. DBS is a type of surgery which are used to relieve some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s treatment. It was in the 1980s, the first represented by a research team in Grenoble, France, guided by Prof. Benabid and Professor Pollack, and it now is in many centers over the world , including several carried out in Britain.

The PDS calls any, the deep brain stimulation , or any other type of functional neurosurgery of Parkinson’s medical advising to look at for further advice.

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