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In the future, the researchers want to mice in which the expression of it at will, using GPR124 on and off to investigate its role in brain tumor development and stroke. They also hope GPR124 about whether GPR124 is involved in the formation of the blood-brain barrier. There is an enormous number of diseases that could be affected by GPR124 expression, said Kuo. We are excited these studies these studies. .

Pathological conditions in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, New Study Reports – kill monoxide poisoning over 200 people every year. Although inexpensive CO detectors , is since 1989, is not its use in hotels, motels and resorts widespread. Indeed contain, whilst each room has a smoke alarm in the U.S., there is no federal mandate for CO detectors. In a study in the July issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine published researchers from LDS Hospital report on the occurrence and effects of CO poisoning of hotel guests.Has real major threat to public health, leaked govt document UK – transpired government report concluded ‘ second-hand smoke is a considerable risk to public ‘.

There is incredible that that Ministers for Health talking still ‘possible’ effects on health of to second hand smoke What other evidences does he need? According to 06th.

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