In the first study 83 riders from 19 to 60-year old used a driving simulator

They conducted two studies ask people what they do break the speed limit and then monitored his driving style would . In the first study 83 riders from 19 to 60-year – old used a driving simulator, 22 miles of urban, rural and motorway roads where the speed limits are shown clearly driving years. In the second study infrared equipment was used in conjunction with video cameras on four real roads.

A driving simulator to the dangers of Speedingroad safety campaigns have motorists that speeding does not reduce the time it takes to show somewhere, but leads to more accidents and major injuries. This is the result of Mark Connor of the University of Leeds in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Manchester, Cardiff University and Napier University -. They showed their results on Monday, July 2007 at the British Journal of Psychology.

Note, however, researchers that the lack of relation between SDB severity and behavior results not mean that non – MSDS impair the behavior of children. Our results generally see can be within the spectrum of patients in this study, Heavy may have a relatively lower impact on behavior of results can be interpreted, Owens say.

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