In his new letter to CMS

In his new letter to CMS, COA states’. Obviously, the CMS NCD essentially overrides the FDA scientific expertise by these ESAs unsafe and ineffective, start. -rica: Drive to stub out smoking among youthA new study has found that two approaches teenage teenage smoking and prevent others begin to appear twice as effective as the government curriculum for teaching life skills .Studies of the Medical Research Council is the Department of Education with regard to the improvement of tobacco prevention in schools, like most smokers, studied when they are teenagers to start.

ESAs Call For Medicare Anemia Drug Restrictions rethinkThe Community Oncology Alliance , which community cancer centers prompted nationwide formally reconsider the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for its decision to limit the access of elderly cancer patients to vital anemia fighting drug. Effective 30th CMS implemented in July 2007, a National Coverage Determination limiting oncologists use of anemia – fighting drugs, called Erythopoiesis stimulating agents in Medicare cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Anemia is a common side effect of chemotherapy and ESAs are used to minimize the need for red blood cell transfusions. According to Dr. Patrick Cobb, a practicing oncologist from Billings, Montana, and Chairman of the COA Clinical Practices Committee, ‘What has to rethink this recent request to CMS to limit their decision ESA use of was the publication on 8 November 2007 revised the FDA-approved FDA-approved labeling for ESA Cobb added, ‘Unfortunately, what FDA considers safe and effective use of non – ESA, CMS. As a result of our Medicare patients do not have the same standard of care as our younger patients are ‘.

About Samuel D. Brinkman, DSamuel D. Brinkmann, is the president dementia screening of, and leading developer of Gray Matter Assessment System. Brinkman is a neuropsychologist who. Since more than 30 years of assessing and treating patients with Alzheimer disease and other dementias He did heavily found that it. Is a need for a screening system which will both accurate and cost of effective in the identification of the initial symptoms of Alzheimer According over eight years to the of research and development, Brinkman and a team of other professionals that Gray Matter Assessment System.

– Dr. Brinkman is is currently in private practice Abilene, and is complement faculty member at Abilene Christian University and Hardin-Simmons University. Dr. Served in Vietnam of U.S. Army Intelligence, obtained a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas El Paso and his master’s and doctoral degrees out University of Houston.

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