If the ICR scientists examined samples from 210 rhabdomyosarcoma patients.

This group of patients had less cancer spread and higher survival rates. Genetic tests revealed that the cancer in these patients lacked a genetic abnormality known as PAX/FOX01 fusion gene previously linked previously linked to the alveolar subtype.. If the ICR scientists examined samples from 210 rhabdomyosarcoma patients, they identified 39 types of cancer, such as aggressive alveolar type looked like, but behaved more like the milder embryonal type.

Present treatment is based on whether a patient has cancer than alveolar or embryonic of a tumor determined by the occurrence of a tumor sample under the microscope were classified. Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma is considered more aggressive, so that these patients given a more intensive combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery sometimes.##Prof. Yehiel Shai to the research supported by the Robert Koch Minerva Center for Research at Autoimmune Disease, of the Prostate Cancer Research Fund, with funds bequeathed by Julius and Hanna Rose, and Eugene and Delores Zemsky Charitable Foundation Inc. Shai being the owner of the Harold S. And Harriet B. Brady Chair in Cancer Research.

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