Epitomics enter provider agreement for antibody technology Epitomics.

Timber, Ph.D., Senior VP and Mind of Global Biologics, Bayer HealthCare.. Bayer, Epitomics enter provider agreement for antibody technology Epitomics, Inc. Announced today that it provides signed a service contract with Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany . Epitomics use its proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody technology to create antibodies for Bayer HealthCare’s drug focus on identification and validation. ‘Epitomics has already established a long-standing knowledge with Bayer Health care. This new contract is a major growth of our collaboration and confirms the achievement of our high quality technology system,’ said Guo-Liang Yu, PhD, CEO of Epitomics, Inc.Although there is absolutely no surefire way to avoid acne, try these pointers to help reduce the quantity and severity of your breakouts: Washing your skin is essential , but washing too much can actually cause harm by overdrying your skin or irritating existing pimples. Be sure you wash after exercising because sweat may clog your skin pores and make your pimples worse. In the event that you work around greasy food or oil, or if you’ve been sweating from warmth or because you’ve been spending so much time, wash your face and various other acne-prone areas as soon as possible.

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