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Each site was 2.1 square miles, with the toads collected in the middle. That’s because the toad home range is known to be about 1.2 miles, and the researchers sought only those toads live entirely in any location. The researchers collected at least 20 toads from each site in 2005 and 2006. – Examination of the euthanized toads revealed a pattern: The more agricultural the land where they lived, the more sexual organ abnormalities or so-called intersex toads – toads who have both female and male internal reproductive organs, not a normal condition for this and most species of amphibians.

Abnormalities as triggers The UF study is the first peer-reviewed study to compare abnormalities in wild toads – toads are a variety of frogs – from heavily farmed areas with frogs from both partially farmed and completely suburban areas. He highlights the difference between the impacts of agriculture to development. Our study is the first to explicitly ask, of these two areas of human disturbance, we see a greater proportion of abnormal animals in one versus another? Guillette said. Because the results implicate agriculture, future research can narrow the focus to agricultural chemicals, McCoy said..Fight.

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