Due to our hectic life style.

Chicago Eyelid Surgery: For Beautiful AndSeductive Eyes Having beautiful eyes is the dream of many and that may become a reality if you take proper care of your eyes. Due to our hectic life style, we do not take proper care of our health and wellness, which results in lots of problems. One of the common problems faced by people is baggy eyelids reliable way . If you are one such person experiencing puffed eyelids, you may get rid of this issue through eyelid surgery then. Earlier, people hesitated to endure surgeries considering that it had been dangerous, but now the problem has changed.

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Chemotherapy and bloodstream stem cell transplantation outcomes in long-term survival for amyloidosis patients Researchers from the Stem Cell Transplant System and the Amyloid Treatment and Study Program in Boston University INFIRMARY have found that high-dose chemotherapy and blood stem cell transplantation can lead to long-term survival for individuals diagnosed with major systemic light chain Amyloidosis. The results show up prepublished in the First Edition of Blood and can be looked at on Blood Online at BUMC was the first ever to start using this treatment in 1994 and may be the only center to publish these long-term outcome results.

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