Consequently, vaccinia transfer after smallpox vaccination – StudyInfectious Diseases Society of Americaout vaccinate The threat of bioterrorism to the recommendation of health care workers and other first responders, but has some concerns about the side effects of the smallpox vaccine that can children, pregnant women and people with immune system disorders or hurt certain skin conditions. – According to an article in the February issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, now available online, people vaccinated against smallpox pose a low risk of accidentally inoculating others if they follow proper bandaging published and hand-washing procedures.

Founded in 1979, Clinical Infectious Diseases publishes clinical articles twice monthly in a variety of areas of infectious disease, and is a of the most prestigious journals in this specialty.During the treatment modification could be be have which findings on the effect the individual antibodies in her own right and encouraging stage for promotion of research. We think that these results demonstrate that we have fast, but cautiously move to human clinical studies for many kinds of solid tumors, Weissman said.

The scientists batch do not animals animal, a series of mice with breast cells from one patient experiences of a human no benefit out of treated with antibody therapy There is certainly learn more, said Weissman. we must to learn more about the relationship between macrophages and tumor cell, and how to extract more macrophages on which tumors. He proposed that the reduction of size of a tumor with a surgery or radiotherapy against antibody treatment for that therapy could more effective. A further options, he adds, would one second antibody addition to CD47, fast butells. Will the ability of the ability of the macrophages and other immune kill to kill cancer cells.

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