Cells pass through fattiness and wither awayHowever.

Professor Fava suggested a revision of the current model in a direction that maximizes the expertise of the psychiatrist and other clinicians in the health care some of the some of the recent developments in the United Kingdom as a base www.super-avana.com .

Professor Fava suggested a new type of mental hospital cognitive behavioral therapy cognitive behavioral therapy in daily practice.

Cells pass through fattiness and wither awayHowever, HIF1-alpha is not only in modified metabolism of, it is activates other Generated. One of said genes is regulated by HIF1-alpha famous than PPARgamma. It causes the cardiomyocytes and of producing. Store fatty This leads in the cell at fatty and die. Cardiac muscle contraction is disrupted, and this can Having heart failure. With HIF1-alpha researchers have a protein. An action which is identified do not only of importance in connection with congestive heart failure This protein is caused in fact the most important catalyst, of cells to convert glucose to fat.

Healthy Heart in spite of high blood pressureThe researchers led by Krek have an amazing fact where detected the corresponding gene, and through HIF1-alpha is therefore inoperative, does not suffer from heart disease. And not modify even when mice have high blood pressure. Your hearts nor to enlarge under conditions pathology stressful contrary to the hearts of normal mice. But is convinced burn off fat rather than sugar and functioning such as a healthy heart.

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