Can nonmedical use of ultrasound be justified?

The Uk Medical Ultrasound Society does not have a particular policy on non-medical imaging, but is updating its guidance currently. The FDA says: Although there is no evidence that these physical effects can harm the fetus, open public health experts, market and clinicians agree that casual contact with ultrasound, especially during pregnancy, ought to be avoided. There are also concerns about how staff cope with the discovery of a fetal abnormality. Some doctors give keepsake images after they possess performed ultrasound for medical reasons. The FDA requires a dim view of the, however the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine deems it to become consistent with their ethical principles.Researchers used the Stanford Cancer Center tumor registry to retrospectively recognize 82 women more youthful than 40 years previous who received adjuvant chemotherapy for breasts cancer. Of the ladies recognized, 19 underwent ovarian oocyte and stimulation retrieval, and 63 did not. The timing of fertility preservation, medical intervention and chemotherapy had been compared with the time intervals between medical diagnosis and treatment in the sufferers who did not go through fertility preservation.

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