California universities pose as bogus front groups for bogus corporate research on GMOs.

Alston and Daniel A. Summer, both from UCD’s Department of Agricultural and Reference Economics, make the state in their survey that California’s Proposition 37, that may mandate GMO labeling in the constant state, is an expensive regulation with no benefits. The 48-web page report says on the very first page; nevertheless, that it was produced using financing from the No on 37 campaign, which we lately pointed out is also a front side group bought and payed for by Monsanto. Once again, the same forces that launched crafty propaganda campaigns in the 1980s and 90s in protection of cigarettes are actually trying to convince the general public that GMO labeling is certainly very costly and useless. , for example, used to become Vice President of Public Policy at Monsanto , has long prostituted himself in support of GMOs and factory farming, while he was governor of Iowa particularly.Christie both into a second term if he wins re-election in November and on a presidential advertising campaign in 2016, should he choose to pursue one. Mr. Christie, 50 years old, said Tuesday unwanted weight has been a concern for the last 30 years-; nearly his whole adult life. It emerged up during his 2009 run for governor, when his opponent, Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine, ran advertisements that seemed to make oblique references to Mr. Christie's girth. Mr. Christie hasn't divulged his weight, nor does he speak publicly about his diet plan, as Huckabee did. He has informed of his struggles, though, and uses it as fodder for jokes . The overweight NJ governor took to Dave Letterman's sofa, donut in hand, on Monday night, joining one of his chief late night tormenters for a few jokes at his own expense.

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