By Marcia Stefanick.

By Marcia Stefanick, chairman of the GHI Board and Professor at Stanford ,, it is not known if younger women going through menopause estrogen-progestin estrogen-progestin their risk with large amounts of plaque in arteries the data do not belong to this group are, Stefanick and added. They apply to women that targeted a hysterectomy and had their ovaries removed. These was not the women, said hormones at menopause. I think it would be a mistake to be extrapolated. .

Is the additional data or evidence that cardiovascular – effects of the hormones in women vary by age, said Jacques Rossouw, chief of the WHI branch at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Taking together we we can seems seems added Rossouw and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in younger women, and that is women who wish to women who want to use it for four or five years. However, Rossouw added, It is not OK to use hormones to relieve the symptoms of age .More Kids in the UK by with asthma, however with a fewer symptoms, according to new research.

Cottage Webb, campaign senior policy and Details officer, said: This paper proposed that asthma is a widely used ensure for children and adults in Britain. The decline in the symptoms and assaults for in this study is a step into the right direction, and even though we not sure what cause of the change cause of this change, there can be a Score from improvements in treatment, Consciousness and understanding of asthma. ‘.

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