Bone medication effective in improving breasts cancer survival By Dr Ananya Mandal.

Those are daily supplements. Zometa, created by the Swiss organization Novartis AG, is provided intravenously to take care of cancer that has pass on to the bone. James Ingle, a Mayo Clinic breast expert who had no part in the study. Gnant reported in 2008 that it reduced the chance of a malignancy recurrence in a report of 1,800 premenopausal females with early-stage breast cancers. All had surgery accompanied by hormone blockers, and half received Zometa. Today, with seven years of follow-up, experts observe that Zometa not merely helped keep cancers from coming back, but improved survival also. There have been 33 deaths among females given the bone medication and 49 among those not really treated with it.IS CT COLONOGRAPHY A PRECISE TEST? One recent study using special methodology found that CT colonography was able to detect colon polyps and also regular colonoscopy. This result has not yet been verified in various other studies. Previous studies of CT colonography had shown a very wide variety of results. On average, previous results demonstrated that CT colonography was clearly inferior compared to regular colonoscopy for detection of colon polyps, with many fake negatives and fake positives.

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