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Sign of Autism Can Be Seen in infants A recent at the Centre for at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Birkbeck published, University of London, and has been held in the January edition of Current Biology that recognize autism symptoms in babies as young as 6 months old can help to determine how the autism will develop later in the child’s life. The researches found that babies show signs of autism in their first year of life. When the babies are cared for, or if someone looks away from them, their brain compared to other compared to other babies..

Johnson says:At this age, no behavioral markers of autism are yet evident, and so measurements of brain function may be a sensitive indicator of the risk may be.His study shows that infant brains will eventually show, Autism already process information differently than tiny babies. The study did find, however that not all irregular irregular brain patterns and were autism autism. Also have some children who show the irregular patterns not end up with autism later in life.‘The complexities of this response do an integral part of the chemical process we investigated, since they require only under certain terms occur complex choreographed by to its players these complexities this complexity is part of the natural monitoring mechanism, ‘said Landman. ‘Maybe how inherent complexity of more frequently protects us from harmful mutagenesis event, and it is possible to that similar principles to keep at other important processes the biological relevance of. Or mutagenesis, requires the development of new models, strategies and significant performance The also needed vital complement and supplementary laboratory trials we were very happy, that combination ‘for have in our research team, he said.

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