Because these patients are mainly under the care of primary care physicians and cardiologists.

‘because these patients are mainly under the care of primary care physicians and cardiologists, it is important to draw attention to the increased risk of kidney disease in this population. With the goals of preventing further progress, managing consequences of kidney disease as they arise and adequately preparing individuals for kidney failure with timely nephrology references Only with the recognition of risk factors for kidney disease can happen. ‘.

‘These studies provide new insights into the relationship between kidney disease and the vascular system. ‘ ‘The opportunities for reducing the current high rates of chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease is maximized when reducing practitioners, nephrologists and cardiologists work in partnership and to treat modifiable vascular disease risk factors, including those that are his his kidney disease complete complete Freedman and DuBose ‘Furthermore promises the potential to achieve current goals of therapy in patients at risk for nephropathy and cardiovascular disease with a more focused approach larger reductions in future cardiovascular disease and end-stage renal disease events.A new important research project examines how policies designed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to human health human health. Seven cities of seven cities for Europe and China as case studies -. Those rich the geography, atmosphere and size on Xi’an in China, home to over than 8 million people, through to Kuopio in Finland, which has a population of less than 100. One of the primary outcome of research will it be town planners and decision-makers essential tools and information.

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